Internal Regulations

Adopted by the Constitutive General Assembly of October 29th, 2015, in Salvador da Bahia (Brazil).
These Internal Regulations  rule the ordinary life of the Association.
They are defined with respect to Article 9 of the Association’s Constitution.
They are made available to all members of the Association and to every new member as well.

Article 1 – Membership fees

In conformity with Article 6 and Article 7 of the Constitution of the Association, the Membership fees gives the same right to every member.

Membership fees are set as follows:

Membership Categories Conditions Annual Fee
Supporting membership Any greater than 60€
Full membership Income higher than 20.000€ per year 60€
Reduced membership Income between 10.000 and 20.000€ per year 30€
Special membership Income lower than 10.000€ per year 15€
Academic and Research Organisations:
Supporting membership Any greater than 300€
Full membership 300€

Article 2. Membership of organisations

Applications of organisations for membership shall be evaluated by the Management committee.

Article 3. Conferences registration cost

The individual registration fees for the conferences organized under the umbrella of the Research Association on Monetary Innovation and Community and Complementary Currency Systems (RAMICS) depend on the payment of membership fees to the Association.

Article 4. Voting procedure for the General assemblies

The Association may organise the voting procedure for General assemblies through a relevant electronic vote scheme.