3rd CCCS conference, Salvador de Bahia, 2015

The third conference in this series was entitled “Social currencies in social and solidarity economy:  innovations in development”.  It was organized by the Management School of the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), from 27-30 October 2015. Around 120 persons from 15 different countries attended the conference during its four days.

The panels were organized mixing researchers, practitioners and government representatives. The 41 papers were presented considering four main themes:

1) Social and complementary currencies for development purposes

2) Impact and results of social and complementary currencies

3) Contextual differences and lessons from experiences

4) Typologies, models and innovation

The participants could appreciate the practice on social currencies in-between panels and paper presentations. They could use the Trilha social currency from a community bank in the solidarity market and also the Axé social currency in the exchange club, both organized for the conference. Furthermore, 37 participants participated to the field visit on Friday, 30th.

Another highlight of this conference was the creation of RAMICS  by Constitutive Assembly on October 29th.

More infomration and download of the conference papers here: http://socialcurrency.sciencesconf.org