2nd CCCS conference, The Hague, 2013

The conference was titled Diverse Monies and Development (www.iss.nl/ccs2013) was organised by the International Institute of Social Studies (www.iss.nl) and its research programme Civic Innovation Research Initiative (www.iss.nl/ciri). The event lasted five days, from the 19th to the 23rd of June 2013, and gathered a total of 406 participants spread in three groups and events: academics, policy makers and practitioners. Participants came from 34 countries in the global North and South in two days for academics, one day for policy makers and public in general, and two days for practitioners.

Some CCS frame their emancipatory discourse in the “diverse economies” poststructuralist framework developed among others by Katherine Gibson (U Western Sydney), who was the first keynote speaker of the conference. Others link CCS to a search for further autonomy at the local level, which was the focus of the lecture of the second keynote speaker, Prof. Keith Hart (LSE and U Pretoria). On the second day, Prof. Akinobu Kuroda opened a brainstorming session with a fish-bowl technique addressing the ubiquitous plurality of monies throughout history. The session continued with a discussion on the future research agenda of CCS. The closing of the academic strand was chaired by Prof. A.H.J. (Bert) Helmsing, who offered a synthesis on the present state of research on CCS, lessons learnt and future directions.

Networking: The event was organized in partnership with Qoin Foundation in Amsterdam, Palmas Institute (Brazil and France), NEF Foundation in London and The Hague Timebank. This collaborative links were established for the organization of the conference. The event got support the EU’s North Western Europe Interregional Fund, FMDV, UN’s NGLS (non- governments liaison Service), Veblen Institute and the CCIA Project. These collaborative links were established for the organization of the conference.

Networking & Funding: The event got financial support from Stichting Doen, Fonds 1818 Stichting and the Municipality of The Hague after application processes.

More information can be found in www.iss.nl/ccs2013


  • Photographs: The conference produced 1200 photos, a selection of 400 can be found here.
  • Dissemination for broader audience: An article authored by Georgina Gomez appeared in The Broker can be found in The Broker.
  • Other articles in the same publication written by participants of the conference can be found here and here.
  • Dissemination on video: several interviews with participants were conducted by the press and for a special documentary:

Henk van Arkel

Bernard Lietaer

Thomas Greco

Tim Jenkin

Julien Dussard

Stephanie Rearick

Raines Cohen

Peter Surda

Edgar Kampers

Arjo Klamer

More videos can be found on this channel

Footage of plenaries, ISS

Footage of panels, ISS